The Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health is committed to strengthening integration between disciplines and has active research collaborations with several other Departments and Divisions, including Human GeneticsMedical Imaging, Public Health & Family MedicinePsychology and Human Biology.


Research Theme 2013 | The Frontier Within

A New view of the brain: relying on transdisciplinarity

The vast majority of brain and behavioural research worldwide has been done in WEIRD populations: that is, in regions of the world that are westernised, educated, industrialised, rich and democratic. Only a minority of such work has happened in African populations, despite the rich diversity of the continent’s genes and cultures. Read more


Research Theme 2012 | Women in Science

Given the complexity of human psychology, research on brain and behaviour requires a multidisciplinary approach, spanning molecular biology, cognitive and affective neuroscience, and public mental health. Women in a number of different departments across the university have made a significant contribution to the efforts of the Brain and Behaviour Initiative (BBI), one of UCT’s signature themes. The BBI initially focused on psychological trauma and resilience, but over time these scientists have also addressed other questions that are particularly relevant to South Africa, including neuroHIV/AIDS and addiction. Read more

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