Environmental Health Projects Website Launch

26 Feb 2024
EH Projects
26 Feb 2024

The Division of Environmental Health at UCT is thrilled to announce the official launch of our brand-new website, Environmental Health Projects, a dedicated platform highlighting our research, communities of practice and resources related to our environmental health capacity-building initiatives.

Key features of the website:

This new website showcases the following work of the DEH:

  1. Outreach Material Library: Browse through our extensive library of outreach materials, including posters, flyers, policy briefs, and factsheets. These resources are designed to be informative and shareable, enabling you to contribute to our mission by spreading awareness in your community.
  2. Pesticide Network: Explore past newsletters or online discussion material related to our Pesticide Network community of practice.
  3. Chemical Network: Explore past newsletters or online discussion material related to our Chemical Network community of practice.
  4. SAPReF: Access valuable information and insights from the Southern African Pesticides Regulators Forum (SAPReF).


We believe that this centralized platform will enhance accessibility, collaboration, and knowledge sharing across all our environmental health projects. Your support and engagement are crucial in making a meaningful impact, and we invite you to explore the website at your earliest convenience, download our resources and join our networks.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, we would love to hear from you at: environmentalhealth@uct.ac.za.