Must I be in a formal management position to do the OTF programme?

No, you don’t need to be in a formal management position. Leaders exist throughout the health system and we welcome applicants who are clinical leaders, support service leaders, and those working in settings where they serve to create public value. However, to be eligible, you must be in a mid-senior level position and be responsible for one or more teams, as the course work requires you to work with your teams.


Can I do the course if I have not held any management or leadership responsibilities before?

If you have just started out in your career, or only worked as a frontline service provider with no management or leadership responsibilities, then you are too early in your career to benefit fully from the programme. You may wish to consider alternative short courses at this stage.

Can I do the programme fully online?

At this stage we do the programme in a mixed mode and you cannot do it entirely online. The programme requires that you be in Cape Town for a 5-day block week in each of the four courses. We do run online sessions before and after the block week, but these are connected to and not separate from, the block week. Attendance at all online and residential (in-person) sessions are compulsory for all participants.

Is the programme open to anyone outside of South Africa?

Yes, we welcome all participants especially those from fellow-African countries. You will have to factor in your study permit, and the additional budget for accommodation and travel.

Do the course fees include travel and accommodation?

No. You must make additional budgetary provision for any travel or accommodation costs. These are entirely at your expense.

Does the programme offer any bursaries?

At this stage we do not have funding to offer bursaries, but this will hopefully change in the future as we are currently sourcing possible funding options for students who do not have sponsorship.

South African students can apply for SETA funding through their skills development levy paid to the SETA by every workplace. Speak to your organisation’s Human Resource manager about this.