The Masters in Chemical Risk Management (MCRM) is aimed at health professionals, chemists, biologists, sociologists, anthropologists, ecologists, agronomists, toxicologists and other professionals working full time in chemicals management. The programme is a two-year part-time flexible learning programme (large distance learning component), including a mandatory two-week residential session at UCT at the beginning of the two-year cycle. There will be substantial requirements for homework in the form of assignments and project related work, expected self-directed learning and regular communication between students and lecturers extending over the two years.

The curriculum covers the following:

  • Pesticide Risk Management
  • International Chemical Management Agreements
  • Pesticide Health and Safety Management    
  • Research Literacies
  • Policy Brief and Risk Communication development
  • Core Course in Chemicals Risk Management
  • Chemicals Risk Assessment for Managers
  • Conducting a Situation Analysis for Health & Environmental Impact
  • Chemicals Management Project
Applicants must apply online by 31st AUGUST 2024 at 

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