The Post Graduate Diploma in Pesticide Risk Management (DPRM) is in abeyance and the programme is currently not being offered.

The Post Graduate Diploma in Pesticide Risk Management (DPRM) is a two-year part-time flexible learning programme (large distance learning component) targeting professionals in the field of pesticide and chemicals risk management. It includes a mandatory two-week residential session at UCT at the beginning of the two-year cycle. There will be substantial requirements for homework in the form of assignments and project related work, expected self-directed learning and regular distance communication between students and lecturers extending over the two years. 

The curriculum covers the following:

➤ Pesticide risk management policies and principles

➤ Legal framework for pesticide management

➤ Health and safety management including pesticide epidemiology and toxicology

➤ Management of environmental risk including ecotoxicology, risk assessment and basic  environmental chemistry

➤ Alternatives and risk reduction strategies

➤ Containers and contaminated site management

➤ International chemical agreements, and

➤ Management of public health pesticides

For information about the Programme, download the DPRM Flyer and Programme Brochure

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