Organisations involved with climate change issues

Part of the international organisation, this is an African grassroots movement to hold leaders accountable to the realities of the science and principles of climate justice.

African Climate and Development Initiative (ACDI)

A university-wide initiative at the University of Cape Town which supports collaborative research and training in climate change and development.

People’s Health Movement

The South African Chapter of the People’s Health Movement (PHM), is part of a global network of grassroots activists, civil society and academics committed to realising health as a right and focused on working with communities and civil society to address social determinants of health.  Current work centres on strengthening Community Health Workers as key human resources for the health system and campaigning for a People’s National health Insurance.

Southern African Faith Communities Environment Institute (SAFCEI)

A multi-faith organisation committed to increasing awareness, understanding and appropriate action on eco-justice and climate change by faith leaders and their communities throughout Southern Africa.

Fossil Free South Africa

Campaigns for investment to support a swift, fair, South African and global transition to a socially just and cleaner energy economy… and that takes care of workers in the fossil fuel industry.

Project 90 by 2030

Organization that focuses on climate change and energy issues with the aim to inspire and bring about significant, positive change in the way we, as humans, engage with earth systems and each other.


A non-profit environmental justice service and developmental organisation working primarily in Southern Africa in the areas of Climate and Energy Justice, Coal, Environmental Health, Global Green and Healthy Hospitals, and Waste.

Healthcare Without Harm

International organisation focused on developing a global movement for environmentally responsible healthcare

Public Health Association of South Africa (PHASA)

Professional public health organisation, providing leadership and a collective voice to improve health through knowledge sharing, capacity building and partnerships.

American Public Health Association (APHA)

Professional public health organisation in the USA. During 2016-2017 the APHA spent a year working with the member sections in all disciplines of public health in preparation for the focus of the 2017 Annual Meeting, Climate Changes Health.  As a result a great deal of information and fact sheets were developed and are listed below. There are many resources on their Climate Change web page.

  • APHA Fact Sheets: A series of short informational pieces on key health topics around climate change: