Neurologic imaging forms a large part of the clinical work load at Groote Schuur Hospital, with an active CT and MR service providing clinical support and exposure to a broad range of pathology covering the spectrum of adult brain and spine imaging.

After hours, the radiology department provides an ongoing service to our busy trauma and casualty departments assisting in prompt diagnosis of patients with intracranial trauma and cerebrovascular ischaemic events, which form a large part of the neurological insults seen after hours.   

Weekly interdisciplinary meetings are held with the neurology department on Wednesday morning, led by Professor Sally Candy, with monthly combined neurosurgical meetings providing exposure to neuropathology, neuroangiography and neuro-intervention.

Radiology registrars in training rotate through a neurology training block known as ‘The Cockpit’ which forms part of their basic initial training in the field of neuroradiology.