Our Academic Program

The HPCSA accredited programme traditionally extends over 4-5 years. Registrars complete 1-2 month blocks of training in the modalities, beginning with fluoroscopy and plain radiography, followed by sonography, computed tomography (CT), interventional/vascular radiology, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and mammography. The training modules are then consolidated with regular rotations through the various modalites over the 4/5 years.

A dedicated neuroradiology rotation, senior interventional radiology rotation and paediatric radiology rotation at Red Cross Childrens Hospital for 4 months, contributes to the exceptional training unique to the Groote Schuur programme. In addition, a month is spent in the Nuclear Medicine department.

Specialist registration with the Health Professions Council of South Africa involves the successful completion of the Part 1 and Part 2 fellowship examinations of the College of Radiologists/College of Medicine of South Africa.

Registrars register concurrently with the University of Cape Town for the Master of Medicine degree during which a research project is completed. This involves a full thesis or a publication type article for a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Completion of a research assignment is now a requisite for specialist registration with the HPCSA.

The daily academic programme includes cased based presentations. The weekly programme consists of a didactic academic meeting, interactive junior and senior plain radiography reporting sessions and journal club.  

Media Resources

RSNA Radiology podcast
Listen to the editor and authors discuss the importance and context of selected articles from current and recent issues of Radiology.


Radiology Channel. A Radiopaedia.org project dedicated to Radiology Education. Lectures and cases ideal for doctors, medical students, radiology technologists & radiologists. Presenters include Dr Andrew Dixon, Dr Frank Gaillard & Dr Jeremy Jones

Our Vision
"We strive to offer our patients and clinicians world class imaging support, assistance with diagnosis with view for improved clinical management as well as minimally invasive image guided procedures."

Memberships and Societies

The Radiological Society of South Africa (RSSA) is the representative body of radiologists in both public and private sectors and those in training. Their responsibility concentrates on looking after the interests of radiology.
The Colleges of Medicine of South Africa (CMSA). It is the custodian of medical care in South Africa and is unique in the world in that it embraces 28 constituent Colleges representing all the disciplines of medicine and dentistry.

Allied Health Professions

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