Our radiology department works in conjunction with the well established Colorectal unit at GSH to provide multiple imaging services (fluroscopy, CT, MRI and interventional radiology).

A fortnightly combined colorectal/endocrinology meeting is held on a Thursday at 9am in the C11 seminar room. This meeting provides a forum for interdepartmental discussion around complex and interesting surgical cases, in addition to being both a surgical planning and teaching meeting. The meeting is led by a senior registrar with guidance from a senior Radiology consultant.

In addition staging CT’s and MRI’s are reviewed at the combined radiology/colorectal surgery/oncology meeting on Wednesday at 2pm in LE34. This meeting is also attended by radiotherapists and stoma specialists in order to provide comprehensive and wholistic discussion around each patient.

Dr N Ahmed oversees the rectal cancer MRI imaging having spent time in United Kingdom specialised hospital units attending various colorectal training sessions firsthand.