The Department of radiology provides a comprehensive interventional radiology service and offers a variety of minimally invasive procedures. The procedures offered include hepatobiliary, genitourinary, gastrointestinal and thoracic interventions.

Percutaneous drainages, PTC’s, Nephrostomies and bronchial artery embolization form the bulk of the procedures performed. Complex biopsies are also performed in the international suite, including TJLBs, as well as more specialized procedures for trauma related solid organ injuries, uterine artery embolisations for fibroids, pulmonary artery embolizations and TIPS.

Our department has also recently started offering prostate artery embolisations for benign prostatic hyperplasia as well as pioneered the first emborrhoidectomy procedure in South Africa for treatment resistant haemorrhage from haemorrhoids.

Training in international radiology was inspired by Professor Beningfield who is a master in this very specialized field of Radiology and is involved in training junior interventional specialists. Radiologists in training rotate through interventional radiology in their junior and senior years.

The intervention suite also offers procedures by the Neurosurgery and Vascular surgery departments.