Ad Hominem Promotions

19 Oct 2020
19 Oct 2020

The four staff members who recently received ad hominem promotion are Zulfa Abrahams, Jackie Hoare, Henk Temmingh, and Katherine Sorsdahl. All four were congratulated by Prof Dan Stein for their important work in the department. In an email to the department he commented on their many contributions, some of which are described below..

Zulfa Abrahams is a member of the Division of Public Mental Health, where she leads ASSET, a large and important multi-country health strengthening project. She has smoothly made the transition from undertaking research on nutrition to working in mental health. She has been promoted to Senior Lecturer.

Jackie Hoare is Head of our Consultation-Liaison Division. This Division was absolutely key clinically during covid, has pioneered new curricula, and has brought in NIH grants to tackle the key issue of adolescent HIV.  Jackie is recognized internationally for her work in this area (and, indeed, has just been made a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists).  She has been promoted to Professor. 

Katherine Sorsdahl is Head of our Division of Public Mental Health.  This Division is recognized globally for its work in a range of areas, including establishing curricula for African scholars, interventions using community health workers, and advocacy for mental health. Katt has led multiple projects within the Division, including mentorship of many postgraduate students.  She has been promoted to Professor.

Henk Temmingh is Head of our Research Committee.  He has spearheaded clinical work on dual diagnosis, has contributed important research in this area, and is widely recognized for his contributions at Valkenberg Hospital, where he has mentored multiple registrars on their M Med projects, and where he has played a key role in a number of innovative projects. Henk has been promoted to Associate Professor.

Head of Department, Prof Dan Stein, expressed that, ''we can all be proud of the tremendous achievements of these 4 colleagues, who I hope will go from strength to strength.  I look forwards to seeing the clinical, teaching, and research work that their growing number of mentees undertake in the future.