Motivational Interviewing in South Africa

31 Aug 2020
31 Aug 2020


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As part of a regular Motivational Interviewing (MI) podcast by Glen Hindes (Northern Ireland) and Sebastian Kaplan (U.S.) Dr Goodman Sibeko is interviewed to discuss MI in South Africa.

Goodman is a Medical Doctor with specialist training in Psychiatry. He holds a PhD in Psychiatry and serves as Head of Addiction Psychiatry at the University of Cape Town. His work has focused on interventions using non-specialist workers in the management of severe mental illness, and he has a developing research portfolio focused on task sharing models for the treatment of harmful substance use, mental health and HIV.  He serves as Co-Director of the PEPFAR and SAHMSA-funded South Africa HIV Addiction Technology Transfer Centre (ATTC).

The podcast is freely available here or at