Professor Komala Pillay

Professor Komala Pillay - Head of Division of Anatomical Pathology
Dr Jane Yeats

Dr Jane Yeats - Collection Curator
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Mr Jurgen Geitner - Chief Technical Officer
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Mr Melvin Lawrence - Technical Assistant
Prof Lorna J Martin

Prof Lorna J Martin - Head of Division of Forensic Medicine
Prof Dhiren Govender

Prof Dhiren Govender - Former Head of Division of Anatomical Pathology

Dr Rob Bowen -  Consultant Pathologist
Ms Michaela Clarke

Ms Michaela Clark - PhD Candidate, History of Medicine, University of Manchester

The late Prof Richard Hewlett - Consultant Neuropathologist

Prof ROC Kaschula - Consultant Paediatric Pathologist

Dr George Rohm - Consultant Pathologist

Mr David Woolley - Web Developer and Database Manager