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Our work

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Supporting NITAGs in Africa

NISH, the National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups (NITAGs) Support Hub, actively supports the work of NITAGs in the WHO Africa Region. NITAGs benefit from an extensive portfolio of offerings and pool of experts to access information and tools from vaccinology and related disciplines to refine their recommendations for national immunisation policies and programmes.

Scientific support



Courses on vaccinology and EIDM, practical skills and more

Scientific support

Expertise in health systems, economics, modelling, design thinking, evidence and more


Assets and resources relevant to African contexts, skills development and more


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Our partners

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Enabling reach and impact

The support of our partners allows us to use science to improve health on the African continent. Our partners – funders and collaborators – ensure that we can continuously increase our reach and impact by combining efforts and expertise through generous grants, synergies in research endeavours and richness of resources.



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