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Departmental Research Committee

Department of Medicine has a considerable research footprint and supports more than 100 postgraduate students.

The purpose of the Department Research committee is to enable research and training productivity at all levels, through monitoring, supporting and guiding departmental research activities; ensuring alignment with Departmental and Faculty priorities and compliance with Faculty procedures and ethics requirements.  Details of its different roles are provided in our Terms of Reference.

At the core, the DRC is about supporting faculty and students to conduct their research. Committee members all have an interest and track record in research, and our willing to be contacted by any level of departmental member to advise on all matters pertaining to research, from accessing funding, available resources and regulatory process, to navigating more difficult areas around research conduct, and academic supervision.

To facilitate the DRC's ability to assist researchers and post-graduate students, a completed Protocol Submission Tracking form is required with every new protocol submission (FHS013; FHS013hlp), including postgraduate protocol forms.

Jonny Peter

Chair – DRC Medicine

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