Faculty of Health Sciences

Department of Medicine

Research Committee Membership

Current Chair

  • Associate Professor J Peter (2016-2018)
  • Term of chair – 3 year with option to renew
  • Appointed by HOD

Current Members 

  • Professor Ntobeko Ntusi 
  • Associate Professor Ike Opechi
  • Professor Marc Combrinck
  • Associate Professor Peter Raubenheimer
  • Associate Professor Sandrine Lecour
  • Professor Nonhlanhla Khumalo
  • Associate Professor Mark Engel
  • Associated Professor Catherine Orrell
  • Dr Phumla Sinxadi
  • Dr Gregory Calligaro
  • Dr Malika Davids
  • Dr Stella Botha 

Frequency of Meetings

  • Frequency: Every alternative month
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Venue: As available, Department of Medicine

Key performance indicators


Performance indicator

Assessment/reporting timeframe

Audit Arrangements

Committee function

70% quorum for meetings

Action items completed within timeframes

Annual December reporting for the previous year

Monitoring attendance

Monitoring of action log

Strategic planning

Short-term strategies defined in line with terms of reference and Research strategic plan 2016-2021 are met

Annual December reporting for the previous year

Monitoring of strategies achieved and outstanding against the Research strategic plan 2016-2021 and ToR


All processed completed within required time frames

  1. Research governance approvals
  2. Publication and other awards
  3. Postgraduate student reporting
  4. Annual report

Annual December reporting for the previous year

Monitoring of outcomes based on predetermined established timelines

Medicine research day

Number of abstract received

Number of attendees

Annual December reporting for the previous year

Statistics collated and plotted against previous years

Review of feedback


  • To enable research and training productivity at all levels, through monitoring, supporting and guiding departmental research activities; ensuring alignment with Departmental and Faculty priorities and compliance with Faculty procedures and ethics requirements.   


  • To assist the Head of Department in developing a departmental research and equipment strategy.
  • To provide strategic guidance to the HSFRC and Deputy Dean for Research on how HSFRC funds are disbursed, in alignment with UCT’s and the Faculty’s mission.
  • To maintain records of research projects and to audit research publications and other outputs on an annual basis.
  • To maintain records of postgraduate students within the department and monitor and support their progress reports
  • To audit all research activities within the Department, to identify areas of current and potential strength in research and to advise on research priorities and new initiatives.
  • To provide representation on the Health Sciences Faculty Research Committee (HSFRC) and sub-committees thereof, including, FHS HREC, FHS AEC, etc, and to communicate the departmental research and equipment strategy thereon.
  • To submit annual written reports on departmental research to the Faculty Research Committee and the URC, for inclusion in the Faculty Research Report

Enabling Research

  • To assess priorities and to allocate funding derived from the HSFRC and other sources to departmental research projects.
  • To assist the Head of Department in soliciting, reviewing and prioritising submissions for funding of large equipment and research infrastructural support to the HSFRC and UEC, consistent with the departmental research & equipment strategy.
  • To create an enabling environment for emerging researchers by referring them to sources of information on research funding, grant writing, the research process, FHS procedures and protocols, and mentorship.
  • To foster and encourage postgraduate enrolment, clinician-scientist mentoring programmes, and support for new supervisors.
  • Organise facilitiated post-graduate student training to allow for inter-department collaborative research.
  • To encourage inter-departmental and inter-institutional collaborative research.
  • Organise a departmental research day for showcasing research activities across the department with the focus on postgraduate student presentations
  • To encourage specific initiatives to increase scientists within the department that are female or from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

Need dedicated focus on each of the priority categories – MMed, PhD, early and established researchers, and transformation


  • To oversee the rigorous scientific review of Departmental research proposals (including postgraduate research proposals), in order to ensure that only well-designed and scientifically sound research is submitted for review by the Faculty Ethics Committees.
  • To ensure that reviewers of proposals for submission to Ethics Committees are:
    • independent of the study and research team under review; and
    • experienced in the field of study under review.
  • To ensure that all regulatory requirements pertaining to the recombinant DNA, biosafety and radiation safety are adhered to for all research activities in the Department.
  • To ensure that submissions to external funders comply with Faculty requirements
  • To ensure that postgraduate proposals are reviewed for their suitability for the degree being undertaken.

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Department of Medicine