The Departmental Undergraduate Education Committee facilitates the implementation, ongoing management, and evaluation of all undergraduate educational activities. It provides a forum for staff to discuss matters related to HUB undergraduate courses, provides oversight on undergraduate teaching, and promotes staff development and training by organising and disseminating information related to teaching.

Composition of the Committee

The Departmental Undergraduate Education Committee is constituted of:

  • Chair and Deputy Chair
  • Portfolio Chair - Science
  • One academic staff member from each Division in the department to be recruited by the respective Head of Division.
  • One administrative staff member familiar with the HUB undergraduate courses to be recruited by the HOD.
  • Head of the Department of Human Biology or delegated authority (Ex officio)


Name Portfolio Email Extension
Mrs Lisa Pio De Paulo Chair 406 7031
Dr Amaal Abrahams Deputy Chair 406 6123
A/Prof Andrew Bosch Portfolio Chair Science 650 4578
A/Prof Dirk Lang Division of Cell Biology 406 6419
A/Prof Geney Gunston Division of Clinical Anatomy and Biological Anthropology 406 6249
Prof Thomas Franz Division of Biomedical Engineering 650 1795
Dr Rachael Dangarembizi Division of Physiological Sciences 406 6243
A/Prof Yumna Albertus Division of Physiological Sciences 650 4560
Ms Patience Zantsi Undergraduate Administration 406 6670
Dr Kishor Bugarith
(ex officio)
Deputy Head of Department for Undergraduate Education    
A/Prof Delva Shamley
(ex officio)
Head of Department