The HUB Communications Committee facilitates communication of news, opportunities, successes and achievements of staff, students, and alumni through the Departmental website, social media accounts and the departmental newsletter, The HUB Connexion.

Composition of the committee

The Communications Committee is constituted of at least the following members:

  • Chair
  • One representative of each division in the department
  • One postgraduate student representative
  • Head of the Department or delegated authority (Ex officio)


Name Portfolio Email Telephone
Dr Supratim Biswas Chair & Division of Cell Biology Representative 650 7975
Ms Ayesha Hendricks Deputy Chair & Division of Physiological Science Representative 650 3108
Dr Fleur Warton Deputy Chair & Division of Biomedical Engineering Representative -
Mrs Mietah Masha Division of Cell Biology Representative -
Mrs Megan Petersen Division of Clinical Anatomy and Biological Anthropology Representative -
Ms Natalie Erskine Postgraduate Students Representative -
A/Prof Delva Shamley
(ex officio)
Head of Department