Women are the greatest resource any country has. Providing encouragement and opportunity for girls and women in science and engineering is one the most powerful ways of harnessing this resource for the development of the country!

The Department of Human Biology extensively contributes to the Association of South African Women in Science and Engineering (SA WISE). SA WISE is a dynamic association for all those who support the idea of increasing the involvement and strengthening the role of women in science and engineering in South Africa.

The role of women in society is critical for development in South Africa. Women have the greatest influence on the next generation, they set the standards for health and hygiene and they form the majority of the agricultural labour force. Educating women means educating South Africa's next generation. Girls in Africa should be encouraged to take science subjects in school - not only those who might pursue a scientific or technological career - but also those who would then be enabled to apply scientific concepts in their daily lives. Taking science subjects should not only be a vocation but as a means to strengthen the scientific and technological culture necessary for development.