MSc (Med) in Mechanobiology

Requirements: Honours degree in biological, physical, mathematical, or computer sciences or a four-year degree in engineering.

Format: The MSc (Med) in Mechanobiology is offered full-time only and is based on a dissertation. The degree does not require course work. The topic for the dissertation is chosen by the student, in consultation with the supervisor.

PhD in Mechanobiology

Requirements: Candidates for the PhD in Mechanobiology must satisfy the general requirements of the Faculty of Health Sciences, as given in the Faculty of Health Sciences Postgraduate Handbook.

Format: The primary commitment is a thesis based on original research. The PhD is offered on a full-time basis only.

Further Information and Application

For further information please contact A/Prof Thomas Franz, email, tel +27 21 650 1795.

Applications to the programme should be submitted through UCT's Online Application System but are only accepted after discussion between the candidate and Thomas Franz.