Name Position
Prof Sudesh Sivarasu Director: Biomedical Engineering Research Centre
DSI/NRF South African Research (SARChI) in Biomedical Engineering & Innovation
Head of UCT MedTech
Prof Stephen Roche Co-founder of OBL
Deputy Head of the Division of Orthopaedics, Groote Schuur Hospital
Jeran Cloete Principal Technical Officer
Sarah McEwan Senior Technical Officer
Michael Brown Principal Technical Officer
Rifqah Press Technical Officer
Lesa Sivewright Finance Administrator
Tasneem Isaacs Administrative Assistant
Joel Philpott Senior Scientific Officer
Shannon Pincus Research Analyst
Mogamad Amir Lucas Senior Technical Officer - Mechanical Design Engineer
Michael Awood Chief Technical Officer - Disability & Assistive Technologies
Edmund Wessels Junior Research Fellow
Nicola Jo Bruns Communications Officer
Dr Roopam Dey Clinical Biomechanics Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Maureen Etuket Project Coordinator


Current Students

  Name Position
Doctoral students
Habtamu Yimam Scapular Fracture Fixation system
Catherine Bradshaw

Pleural Biopsy Needle Device

COVID-19 Medical Devices Task Team

Edmund Wessels

Mobile PoC Hysteroscopy device

COVID-19 Medical Devices Task Team
Co-founder of VAS Medical
Co-inventor of FlexiGyn

Leanne Haworth

Verification & Validation of shoulder prosthesis

Alexandra Lancaster

Tendon attachment optimisation in Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

Dr Pududu Archie Rachuene

Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty: Single-Staged Massive Glenoid Defects Pre-Operative Planning and Management.

Kerstin Hall

Design, development and optimization of a novel reloadable pneumatic intramuscular autoinjector for various patient profiles by using parametric modelling.

MediVentors Student
THRIP Grant Receipient

Jonti Oehley

UVC - Blood decontamination

MediVentors Student

Nkgaphe Tsebesebe Development of Arduino and Machine Learning Based Point-of-Care System for Medical Applications
Maureen Etuket Decision Support Frameworks and Models guiding medical device localisation in LMICs: A Structured Review.
Masters students
Cliff Lowan

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

MediVentors Student

Brandon Reabow

Smart HFNO System

MediVentors Student

Joel Philpott

Dual BPAP System

MediVentors Student

Arshad Eyasim

CPAP Patient Circuit System

MediVentors Student

Qhamani Maqungu

Smart accessory for auto-injectors

THRIP Grant Recipient

Jessi-Siobhan Masters

Behaviour of the Muscle-Fat Construct with Intramuscular Auto-Injectors

THRIP Grant Recipient

Ntokozo Magubane

Design, Verification and Validation of a Dynamic Model for an Intramuscular Autoinjector

THRIP Grant Recipient
MediVentors Student

Lehan Hefer Cervical Cancer Screening Device
Grant Sander Head Positioning Device
Raessa Ismail Novel Cough Aerosol Sampling Device
Liam McEvoy Urology Needle Tip Tracking Device
Phelisa Ntayiya Cystoscope Image Correction System
Amanda Mathe Cervical Dilation Device
Fadzai Saravoyi Portal EEG Device
Maseeha Vania Spinal Cord Rehab Device
Masindi Sekhwama 3D printed SPR based POC
Mosidi Mokoena RT-LAMP device for rapid pathogen detection
Saad Naveed Proprioceptive feedback device for lower limb prosthetics


Past Students


Thesis Titles

Doctoral students

Dr Giovanni Milandri

Eccentric training for ACL rehabilitation

Dr Jonathan Glenday

Reverse shoulder implant configurations

Dr Roopam Dey

Anatomical shoulder implant design

Masters students

Maureen Etuket

COVID19 EUA Regulations for Ventilators

Ashraf Vahed

Autoinjector incubator system

THRIP Grant Receipient

Sarah McEwan

Pediatric Bronchoscopy Device

Ameen Bardien

Electromechanical prosthetic Hand

Tertius de Villiers

Semiautomated Neck traction device

COVID-19 Medical Devices Task Team

Catherine Gordon-Grant

Proprioception in prosthetic hands

COVID-19 Medical Devices Task Team

Lara Timm

Open Source Prosthetic Arm

COVID-19 Medical Devices Task Team

Bhaveen Lalla

Bandaging Techniques for Transfemoral Amputees

Matthew Trussler

Lower Limb Rehabilitative Exercise Device

COVID-19 Medical Devices Task Team

Saadiq Gasant

Radial Head Fracture Fixation

Chris Herbert

Adapative Fracture Fixation System

Seth Thompson

Latissimus Dorsi Tendon Transfer

Alaistar During

Low cost Ankle attachment for lower limb prosthetics

Scott Bruton

Smart sockfit system for amputees

Jacobus Johannes Verster

Scapular Dyskinesis diagnosis system

Giancarlo Beukes

Laxity Measurement Device

Co-founder of Impulse Biomedical
Co-Inventor of Easy Squeezy

Gokul Nair

Adrenaline AutoInjector

Co-founder of Impulse Biomedical
Co-Inventor of ZibiPen 

Albert Opiyo

Stroke Rehabilitation Device

Megan Findlay

Opensource Ptosis Crutches

Shaun Fickling

Toward ACL Injury prevention

Mkhokheli Ncube

Design of a Ureteropyeloscope

Richard Mudd

Customized Hip Prosthesis