1. Absalom Maluleke, The dispersion of biomaterials in infarcted myocardium during therapeutic delivery
  2. Alexandra Lancaster, Tendon transfers in reverse shoulder arthroplasty
  3. Amy Graham, The role of the microbiota-gut-brain axis on the effects of cytomegalovirus infection on auditory white matter tract development in HIV-exposed infants
  4. Catherine Bradshaw, Design and development of a pleural biopsy device for increased sample yield and reduced procedural risk
  5. Catherine Namayega, Development of a neural differentiable renderer for 3D reconstruction of X-ray images
  6. Christopher Mutsvangwa, Evaluating community engagement in health innovation
  7. Corius Reyneke, 3D Patient-specific models of bone using X-ray synthesis and statistical appearance models
  8. Edmund Wessels, Development of a mobile flexible hysteroscopy system
  9. Elizabeth Kruse, Studying the Mechanobiology of Enveloped Virus-like Particles and their Interactions with the Host Cell
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  11. Habtamu Yimam, Design and development of novel scapular fracture fixation system
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  13. Isaac Khobo, Exploring the relationship between multimodal MR neuroimaging and neurocognitive outcomes
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  16. Jonti Oehley, Design, Development, and Verification of an Ultraviolet Irradiation Device for the Treatment of Blood Products
  17. Juliet Nagawa, Cardiac mechanics and mechanical circulatory support therapies in peripartum cardiomyopathy using machine learning and patient-specific computational modelling
  18. Karen Fitzgerald, Insula, thalamus and anterior cingulate volumetric changes after mindfulness training in novices
  19. Kerstin Hall, Design, development and optimization of a novel reloadable pneumatic intramuscular autoinjector for various patient profiles by using parametric modelling
  20. Leanne Haworth, Shoulder biomechanics, implant design, verification & validation
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