Why is Healthcare Technology Management important?

There is increasing acceptance that proper management of medical technologies and physical infrastructure is essential for the attainment of affordable and sustainable quality healthcare delivery. Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) aims for optimal acquisition and utilisation of healthcare technologies as part of efficient and cost-effective healthcare services. It is equally important to address the physical environment/s within which healthcare is provided, as well as the information systems supporting healthcare delivery.

UCT’s HTM programme offers a unique mix of capacity-building opportunities, with options ranging from single courses presented over a few days to full-time postgraduate research.

Who can benefit?

The Programme will be of interest to a wide range of healthcare practitioners including health system planners, health technology policy makers, healthcare funders, health service- and hospital managers, nursing managers, clinical- and hospital engineering practitioners, medical physicists, radiographers, clinical technologists and e-health/medical informatics practitioners in both public and private sectors, as well as to NGO's and private consultants. Whatever your background, UCT's HTM Programme – offered by a leading academic institution conscious of its role in Africa – will enrich your skills base and provide you with new career opportunities.

Programme options

Candidates may complete individual courses as "occasional students" or register for the Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare Technology Management (see below). Those wishing to pursue a programme with a higher research component can register for the MPhil in Healthcare Technology Management (dissertation only). Candidates who are suitably qualified may enter the PhD programme.

Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare Technology Management

The Postgraduate Diploma is offered on a part-time basis, with two one-week on-site lecture blocks, complemented by self-directed learning and assignments. Candidates must complete the eight (8) courses offered as well as the compulsory HUB4032H Project in Healthcare Technology Management.

Block I (1st Semester)  
HUB4028H Introduction to Healthcare Technology Management
HUB4027H Healthcare Technology Assessment
HUB4030H Healthcare Project Management
HUB4066H Healthcare Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Block II (2nd Semester)  
HUB4033H Clinical Engineering
HUB4069H Healthcare Technology Engineering
HUB4089H Telemedicine and mHealth
HUB4090H Health Information Systems
HUB4032W Project in Healthcare Technology Management

Please note:

  1. Students must have access to a computer in order to successfully complete the courses and programme.
  2. PG Dipl requirements include an applied Research Project (HUB4032H) which must be completed and submitted by mid-November for December graduation (& mid-May for June graduation).
  3. Occasional Students (and those not qualifying for the PG Dipl programme) can register for a maximum of 2 courses per block.
  4. UCT reserves the right to withdraw a course if there are too few students registering for the course.
  5. UCT reserves the right to change the dates for any/all on-site blocks, if there are good reasons for doing so. In such an event, students will be advised timeously.