MPhil in Health Innovation

Innovation is generally thought to be key to overcoming the current health challenges faced in South Africa and globally. The MPhil in Health Innovation focuses on the design, implementation and evaluation of innovations to improve health. The MPhil has as its anchor a course in Health Innovation & Design, which presents the key themes of Design Thinking as applied to health innovation. The aim is to introduce participants to human-centered design of solutions to promote health and wellbeing and address needs identified through engagement with relevant stakeholders. Students will also carry out individual dissertation research projects addressing points in the innovation value chain with an appreciation of the broader context of their specific project.


An Honours-equivalent or a 4-year professional degree in any discipline, or an MBChB, will be considered, as the programme values different perspectives and disciplinary orientations. Students must, in an application essay, express their interest in health innovation.


Required course work is followed by a minor dissertation, chosen by the student in consultation with the programme convenor and a research supervisor.

Students take the following compulsory courses, in addition to elective courses to suit their particular interests:

  • Health Innovation & Design
  • Health Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Biomedical Engineering Overview
  • Introduction to Disability as Diversity
  • Introduction to Healthcare Technology Management
  • Health Technology Assessment

PhD in Health Innovation


Candidates for the PhD must satisfy the general requirements of the Faculty of Health Sciences, as given in the Faculty Handbook.


The primary commitment is a thesis based on original research. Specific courses may be required in preparation for the research project, as dictated by the needs of the project and the background of the student.

Further Information and Application

Further information may be found in the Faculty of Health Sciences Postgraduate Handbook.


Fee information may be found in the Student Fees Handbook.