The list below provides details of companies in South Africa that are related to biomedical engineering, medical devices, healthcare technologies and similar. Please also check the South African Medical Device Industry Association (SAMED) and Medical Device Manufacturers South Africa (MDMSA).

Company Products / Services Area
Akacia Medical Wound drainage, Infusion, Soft goods Cape Town
Afrox Medical Medical gas regulators Johannesburg
APS Therapy Electro medical stimulator Pretoria
Altis Biologics Osteogenic biomaterials Pretoria
B-Braun Infusion devices Johannesburg
BB Solutions Endoscopic cleaning solution Johannesburg, Durban
Beier Drawtex Healthcare Wound dressing Durban
BMEC Consulting Cape Town
BoldMed Pressure garments Johannesburg
Bone SA Bone matrices, Osteoinductive DBM Johannesburg
Brittan Healthcare Sophisticated neonatal care equipment, Biomedical test equipment, Medical imaging equipment Johannesburg
Burnshield Burn wound care, Plasters, Straps Johannesburg
CapeRay Medical Breast screening equipment Cape Town
Cell Life mHealth Cape Town
Centre for Tissue Engineering Tissue grafts Pretoria
CE Mobility Electric wheel chairs and seating Johannesburg
Cerdak Wound dressing Mtunzini
Clinisut Sutures Port Elizabeth
CRPM 3D printing Bloemfontein
CSIR Research institute Pretoria
DISA Medinotec Vascular stents and catheters Cape Town
Endogrowth Laparoscopic devices George
Electronic Manufacturers Contract manufacturer Durban
Electro-Spyres Medical Wound care, Electrodes Johannesburg
Elite Surgical Supplies Spinal implants, Hips, Knees, Shoulders, Wound drainage Pretoria
eMoyo   Johannesburg
Ensemble Trading Bandages Durban
Essity Medical Solutions Plasters, Wound care Durban
Evergreen Latex Surgical gloves Pretoria
Gabler Surgical sutures, Suction & oxygen equipment, Neonatal equipment, Fluid warmers, Equipment mounting systems Cape Town
Gamwave Contract steriliser Durban
Grucox Rehabilitation equipment Cape Town
Hutz Medical Hospital equipment Port Elizabeth
ICT Diagnostics IVD Malaria Cape Town
Impulse Biomedical Medical devices Cape Town
Innovation Hub   Pretoria
Johnson & Johnson Various Johannesburg
Lifeassay Diagnostics Rapid IVD products – urine, malaria, etc Cape Town
Liqid Medical Glaucoma devices Cape Town
Lodox Low dose X-ray Johannesburg
MD2M Consulting and medical device development Cape Town
Medical Innovations Hospital equipment Cape Town
MedikaSA Wound dressings Pretoria
MRC Innovation Centre   Cape Town
NuAngle Medical Closed wound drainage system Johannesburg
Ortho Sol Orthopaedic implants Port Elizabeth
Quantumed Condoms Johannesburg
Respiratory Care Africa Consumables for respiratory care Johannesburg
Roth Medical Orthopaedic implants Cape Town
Safmed Sterile packaging material Cape Town
Saspine Spinal implants Pretoria
Sinapi Biomedical Chest drainage, Urine drainage, Nutrition products Cape Town
Southern Medical Orthopaedic implants Pretoria
Specific Medical Solutions Specialised instruments and solutions Cape Town
SSEM Procedure packs Johannesburg
Steritech Infection control products Durban
Strait Access Technologies Prosthetic heart valves Cape Town
Supra Healthcare Foley catheters and infusion products Johannesburg
Synthecon Surgical sutures Johannesburg
Techno Med Medical devices Johannesburg
Technology Innovation Agency    
Telesensi Computer-aided auscultation Somerset West
The Scientific Group Consumables for respiratory care and suction Johannesburg
Ti-Tamed Orthopaedic implants Cape Town
TNMC Management Consultants Sterilization validation experts  
Varori Infusion device Pretoria
Vertice MedTech Turnkey medical solutions Pretoria
Xavant Neuro stimulators Pretoria