School of Public Health Vision Workshop

02 Feb 2023
School Vision Workshop Group
02 Feb 2023

The School held a Vision workshop on Tuesday 24 January 2023.  The goal of the workshop was to come together as a collective to reflect on two questions:

  1. What will this School of Public Health contribute in promoting health, well-being and social justice in our society, continent and world?
  2. What values, institutional arrangements and processes will enable us to work together to support these contributions?

Approximately 35 colleagues attended, drawn from all parts of the staffing of the School. The atmosphere was relaxed and the creative ideas and commitment from colleagues to work together as a collective was tangible.

School Vision Workshop Group 1
School Vision Workshop Group 2






One of our next steps will be to synthesize the ideas that were generated and write a first draft of a refreshed vision statement for wider input. We will also need to think about how to take some of the ideas about organizational processes forward.

Beyond this, many of the ideas spoke to the ‘software’ of the School – how we would wish to ‘be’ in relation to ourselves and each other. Kindness, ubuntu and transparency were some of the common values that were highlighted, which can be implemented by all of us in our day-to-day work.