HPS Division supports 20 PhD scholars in Africa and Asia conducting Health Policy Analysis research

20 Jul 2021
20 Jul 2021

May virtual workshop involving second cohort of HPA Fellows, programme coordinators and some supervisors

The Health Policy and Systems Division in the School of Public Health and Family Medicine coordinates the Health Policy Analysis (HPA) Fellowship programme, a mentorship programme for PhD scholars registered in universities located in low and middle income countries (LMIC). Running since 2017, and supporting 20 PhD scholars in two cohorts from various African and Asian countries, it is funded by the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research, WHO. 

HPA research considers how health problems emerge as policy issues, explores the factors that influence the development of policies to address these problems, and pays particular attention to the ways power, politics, institutions and ideas determine the decisions taken by policy actors. These insights are vital to improving policies, closing ‘the implementation gap’ (the difference between policy as it is written and as it is experienced by health system users), and strengthening health systems.

Two events in the last few months have showcased the work of the Fellows.

In May, a virtual workshop of the second cohort of Fellows provided an opportunity for the group to present the written outputs they have been working to peers and mentors, as part of our overall programme of virtual mentorship and support. In addition, guided by the interests and concerns of the Fellows, other sessions addressed key HPA concepts, innovative methods and academic skills.

In June, the work the first cohort of Fellows was showcased in a special edition of the International Journal for Health Policy and Management (IJHPM). The papers offer  new perspectives and novel insights on the experience of health policy change LMICs. The edition was launched in an event organised by the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research. You can watch a recording of the Launch here , and read the special edition here