Responsible Conduct of Research

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Online training:
Protecting Human Research Participants
Financial Conflict of Interest
The Lab: Avoiding Research Misconduct
The Research Clinic
Case Studies

In-person training:
On Being a Scientist (to be discussed with your mentor/tutor)

Meeting HATTP Human Subjects Protection and Responsible Conduct of Research requirements:
Guidance document

Preparing for and writing an early career fellowship application by Rob Huddy:
Seminar notes


Research conduct resources by Nicki Tiffin: (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0):
All Material (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)
Defining Aims and Objectives 
Introduction to Study Design and R 
Writing an Introduction
Writing the First Draft of a Manuscript
Writing Your Thesis As You Go

Advice on presentation technique by Gary Maartens:
Presenting at Meetings 


Funding options for early-stage researchers by Yolande Harley:
Funding opportunities for early-stage researchers


Presentation on required reading: On Being a Scientist:

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Annual Scientific Meeting 2022 – presentations:

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Fellows’ seminar on How to respond to reviewers’ comments:

Recording of Fogarty Fellows Seminar 

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Presentation on Writing Scientific Papers by Gary Maartens:


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General requirements and expectations of HATTP awardees


Guidance document