Convenors: Dr Chivaugn Gordon & Dr Khatija Kadwa

Administrator: Mr Nkosi Zulu

The course consists of six weeks of Gynaecology. The Gynaecology course builds on the prior three weeks of learning in Women’s Health during Semester Six. Students have already learnt to take histories from patients and to examine women using models and have been exposed to the broader issues about women’s health; and have been introduced to the role of gender in health promotion. In this course they learn about common gynaecological problems, contraception, issues of sexuality, and abuse of women, at the same time gaining clinical experience in gynaecology and women’s health. Teaching takes place in a variety of clinical venues where students learn how to perform a gynaecological examination on patients, mostly in an outpatient setting, which is most appropriate for their future practice. The gynaecology clinical teaching is complemented by tutorials and clinical skills sessions, as well as further teaching in the relevant basic sciences. Core learning outcomes: Students are required to build on their basic knowledge of gynaecology practice; to formulate professional attitudes and behaviours by being involved in primary and tertiary gynaecologic care; to develop empathetic attitudes towards patients; to become reflective health care practitioners; to explore their attitudes and beliefs about controversial issues such as sexuality, intimate partner violence and termination of pregnancy; and to continue along the road of self-directed learning.