Local Outreach

Our unit enjoys excellent relationships with the gynaecologists working in other hospitals in Cape Town. Both Dr Brouard and Dr Ras understand the challenges in performing pelvic floor surgery and we believe that it is in the best interests of patient care to be available to assist our colleagues. We regularly operated in the following public hospitals: Victoria Wynberg, 2 Military and Somerset Hospital. We have also previously travelled to Worcester Hospital to train the local doctors to perform incontinence surgery.   We intend to set up a regular theatre list at Mitchel’s Plein District hospital


National outreach

Dr Ras and Dr Brouard travel regularly to Port Elizabeth, East London and George and Uitenhage Hospitals to perform surgery. These lists are usually accompanied by a pre-operative assessment ward round and discussion with both the patient and local physicians on the procedure. Support for these visits is usually from the JC Coetzee fund, but occasionally industry support is utilized. We have been granted support from the JC Coetzee fund to take a fellow with on these outreach visits to a maximum of 4 per year.


We regularly have visitors and observers to our operating lists, and these are usually private gynaecologists and urologists wanting to develop their skills further. We have gynaecologists and urologists from Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and internationally from Ghana, the UK and the Netherlands.