Join SATVI at the Union Conference on Lung Health and TB science Conferences

13 Nov 2023
Union Conference Lung Health
13 Nov 2023

Please join the South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative at the various panel discussions, oral abstracts, poster presentations its scientists will be making at the Union World Conference on Lung Health, as well as the TB Science Conference, taking place from 15-18 November 2023 in Paris, France. 

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Title of abstract/poster

Click here Tues 14 Nov

11:15-11:45 CET

   12:15-12:45 SAST

WGNTB Vaccines Annual Meeting.


Associate Professor

Michele Tameris

Annual Meeting: Working Group on

New TB  Vaccines

Click here Wednesday 15 Nov

9:30-11:45 CET

   10:30-12:45 SAST

WHO Global #EndTB Symposium 2023.



Mark Hatherill 

Panel discussion: Breakthroughs and opportunities to accelerate the TB response
  Wednesday 15 Nov

10:15-11:45 CET

   11:15-12:45 SAST

OAO2-209 Subclinical TB: How to  recognise it when you see it?

Associate Professor

Michele Tameris

Subclinical TB disease in household contacts of recently diagnosed TB patients.
  Wednesday 15 Nov

   15:00-16:30 CEST


SP06 Progress and innovation in developing shorter treatment
regimens for people with TB.
Dr Justin Shenje Session chairperson
  Thursday 16 Nov

10:15-11:45 CEST

OA18 Genome sequencing and new diagnostic research. Associate Professor Angelique Luabeya Effects of oral hygiene, food intake and patient
characteristics on oral swab quantitative polymerase chain reaction results in South African patients with PTB
  Thursday 16 Nov 13:45 CEST TB Science E-poster. Vanessa Muwanga Diagnostic performance of transcriptomic signatures for pulmonary TB in symptomatic individuals across the African continent
  Thursday 16 Nov 13:50 CEST TB Science E-poster. Dr Simon Mendelsohn Gene signatures for monitoring treatment response among TB patients in Brazil.
Click here Thursday 16 Nov

16:00-16:50 CEST

17:00-17:50 SAST

TBS2B Correlate of protection or disease.


Dr Munyaradzi Musvosvi T-cell repertoires associated with TB disease progression.
Click here Thursday 16 Nov

17:00-17:45 CEST

18:00-18:45 SAST

TBSC2C: Host directed therapy.


Dr Simon Mendelsohn Co-moderator
Click here Friday 17 Nov

15:00-16:30 CEST

16:00-17:30 SAST

Exploring Sustainable models for TB vaccine development and delivery in BRICS countries.



Mark Hatherill 

Preparing for new TB vaccines in South Africa: Who and when to vaccinate and how.
Click here Saturday 18 Nov 8:30-9:20 CEST

TBS4A Bacteria and host in transmission- Plenary session.


Associate Professor

Elisa Nemes

Host biomarkers of recent M.tb infection



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