SATVI attracts students from mainly Africa and Europe, who want to study tuberculosis within a clinical research environment.

Past Students who have completed Post Graduate Studies:

Year Student Qualification Title Supervisor
2021 Cheleka Mpande PhD Characterisation of T cell specificity, functional, activation and memory profiles associated with QuantiFERON TB Gold conversion and reversion Professors Tom Scriba, Elisa Nemes
2019 Thelma Leopeng MPhil Translations of informed consent documents for clinical trials in South Africa: are they readable Dr Hennie Geldenhuys
2018 Katrina downing MPhil

The burden of perinatal Tuberculosis in HIV-infected mothers and their infants.

Prof Hatherill
2018 Fatoumatta Darboe PhD Transcriptomic signatures of recurrent tuberculosis disease and treatment response in HIV-infected individuals Professor Tom Scriba
2017 Justin Dixon PhD Disease, Morality and Bioethics: An Ethnographic Study of a TB Vaccine Trial Site in South Africa. Univ Durham
2016 Marwou de Kock MPhil An evaluation of the impact of performing arts on the knowledge of Tuberculosis and Clinical Research in adolescents in selected high schools in the Boland Overberg region, Western Cape.

Michele Tameris, Veronica Baxter

2015 Munyaradzi Musvosvi PhD Systems analysis of the CD4 T cell response induced by the novel subunit tuberculosis vaccine, H1:IC31 Thomas Scriba
2014 One Dintwe PhD Characterisation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis specific T cell immunity with HLA class II tetramers. Thomas Scriba
2014 Samuel Ayaba Njikan PhD Correlates of risk of TB disease in infants with differential response to BCG vaccination. Willem Hanekom, Thomas Scriba , Elisa Nemes.
2014 Keyser, Alana Msc BCG-specific T cell proliferation and cytotoxic capacity in infants as risk of tuberculosis disease, following newborn BCG vaccination. Willem Hanekom
2013 Moyo, Sizulu PhD Optimal tuberculosis case-finding methodologies for field trials of new tuberculosis vaccines in young children. Gregory Hussey, Mark Hatherill
  Mahomed, Hassan Masters The incidence of tuberculosis in adolescents in the context of proposed TB vaccine trials . Gregory Hussey
2012 Shey, Muki Shehu PhD Determinants of innate immune responses to mycobacteri. Willem Hanekom, Thomas Scriba
2011 González-Angulo, Licé Yulieth. . Masters Diagnosis and management of potentially infectious patients with suspected pulmonary tuberculosis in a developing country setting. Mark Hatherill
  Kagina, Benjamin Mugo Njeru PhD Association between BCG-induced immunity and risk of TB disease. Willem Hanekom
  Machingaidze, Shingai Masters The predictive value of a QuantiFERON conversion in the development of active tuberculosis disease in adolescents. Hassan Mahomed
  Soares,Andreia PhD Changes in the BCG-Induced T cell response over the first year of life. Willem Hanekom
  Tena-Coki, Nontobeko Gwendoline PhD Investigations of mycobacteria-specific memory Willem Hanekom, Thomas Scriba
2010 Cheong Kwet Choy Kwong Chung Masters Medicine Characterisation of the T cell responses induced by BCG in infants over the first year of life. Willem Hanekom
  Dube, Frederick Masters The effect of birth weight and gestational age on BCG-induced immune responses in infants following BCG vaccination. Willem Hanekom
  Govender, Lerisa Msc Development of novel T cell assays and assessment of immune recognition to latency associated M.tuberculosis-specific antigens Rv2660 and Rv2659. Willem Hanekom
  Moshi, Noell Dominika Msc Characterization of CD8 T cell responses in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis infection

Willem Hanekom

2007 Moyo, Sizulu Masters Childhood mortality in the Boland Overberg region.

Hassan Mahomed,
Tony Hawkridge

2005 Minnies, Deon Masters A quantitative evaluation of the quality of informed consent in a developing country setting. Tony Hawkridge