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26 May 2022
2022 Annual Report
26 May 2022

2022 saw the completion of some key studies and the start of major new projects at SATVI. Studies that were
successfully completed included two dose-defining clinical trials of the live attenuated Mycobacterium tuberculosis vaccine candidate MTBVAC, one in newborns and one in adults; a safety and immunogenicity trial of the subunit vaccine candidate M72/AS01E among people living with HIV; and the PREDICT trial, which assessed whether TB treatment can be shortened to four months in TB patients with moderate disease severity.
The MTBVAC 203 trial, a Phase 3 trial of the safety, immunogenicity and efficacy of MTBVAC in more than
7,000 newborn infants, started recruitment at four sites in South Africa and one each in Madagascar and Senegal
(NCT04975178). Other clinical trials of the investigational TB vaccines VPM1002, H56:IC31 and BCG
revaccination continued in infant, adult TB patient and adolescent populations, in addition to TB diagnostic and
therapeutic studies.

SATVI authors contributed to several high impact publications, including two TB vaccine research and development
roadmaps for people living without and with HIV; a multicentre Phase 2a trial of VPM1002 in infants; a study of immune correlates of M. tuberculosis infection in infants.
We are as always deeply thankful to the Cape Winelands community, which remains severely affected by the
TB epidemic, for working with SATVI towards a world without TB. SATVI marked World TB Day with a successful
mass TB screening campaign in De Doorns and celebrated Mandela Day by supporting several non-governmental
organisations in and around Worcester. 

20 Birthday party

The year culminated with the eagerly awaited SATVI 21st Birthday Party, which marked 21 years of SATVI research since the first infant participant was enrolled in the first TB vaccine clinical trial. Invited guests who joined the glamorous event included Lionel Green-Thompson the Dean of the UCT Faculty of Health, Glenda Grey the President of the South African Medical Research Council, Greg Hussey the Founding Director of SATVI, and several old friends and colleagues. Four founding staff members, Ashley Veldsman, Linda van der Merwe, Angelique Mouton and Julia Noble, were also celebrated for their 21st  year in SATVI. 

We look forward to the next chapter of SATVI TB research, which will include early phase trials of exciting
new candidates, as well as large efficacy trials of late stage vaccines to prevent progression to TB disease,
or recurrent disease after TB treatment. 

Professor Mark Hatherill


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