FameLab SA Competition

22 May 2023
22 May 2023

The IDM rounds of the FameLab South Africa Science Communication competition, was held on the 19 April 2023 in the Wolfson Pavilion. The competition is an international science communication competition that seeks to inspire young scientists to share their research. Fifteen exceptional young IDM scientists showcased their public speaking skills by each finalist presenting a three-minute talk about their research projects using props and simple language. The talks shared a glimpse into the lives of young researchers in South Africa and the impact that they hope to have through their studies and work. The contestants were judged on content, clarity, and their charisma. 3 outstanding students from the Division of Immunology made the finals!


2nd runner up – Ms Adijat Jimoh

Finalist – Ms Rachael Gachogo

Finalist – Dr Maxine Hoft


Adijat Jimoh is a PhD fellow at the University of Cape Town, Division of Immunology, her research project is focused on exploring and understanding how the vaginal virome interacts with the bacteriome in pregnant women living with HIV.


Rachael Gachogo is a PhD fellow at the University of Cape Town, Division of Immunology, investigating the role of viruses that live in our gut, on the immune development of infants who are born to mothers living with HIV but remain uninfected.


Dr Maxine A. Höft is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Cape Town, Division of Immunology. She presented her PhD research project, focusing on the investigation of immune responses to Emergomyces africanus infection, a newly described dimorphic fungal pathogen affecting AIDS patients.