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There is currently a vacancy in the Division of Immunology.

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If you are interested in postgraduate training, please see our pages on postgraduate training and our research group pages to identify potential suitable supervisors.

In some cases, advertised postgraduate studentships in the Division may be advertised here.

Training Courses

The UCT Division of Immunology runs training courses every year. 

Please see information on our internal postgraduate teaching programme, or come back later to see announcements about upcoming training courses.


The Division of Immunology runs or participates in many training workshops for postgraduate research students.

Information about upcoming workshops will be posted on this page.

The Division of Immunology co-operated a series of training workshops with the International Union of Immunology Societies and the Duke Global Vaccine Institute at Duke University in the USA.

Please visit this page again later to see announcements of upcoming workshops which are organised by the Division of Immunology.