Group leader: Frank Brombacher

Frank Brombacher

Frank Brombacher

Phone: +27 21 406 6424

Office: Wernher & Beit Bldg South S1.27

The group generates and characterises novel and worldwide unique transgenic mice, as animal models for human diseases, also applicable to non-communicable diseases. These have been used to make important advances in diseases such as Tuberculosis, Bilharzia, African Trypanosomiasis, Candidiasis and cutaneous Leishmaniasis (four of the top ten WHO declared human threats to combat) and have contributed to a better understanding of immunological mechanisms on a cellular and molecular level. Specifically this has included investigating the immunological mechanisms, regulation and protective host-effector functions in experimental murine infectious disease models, relevant to Africans.

The division also houses the UCT/MRC Unit on Immunology of Infectious Diseases. There are also close ties with the South African component of the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, providing a very strong genomics thrust.

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