The Transformation Forum (TF) in the Division of Human Genetics was established in 2016 in order to hasten the transformation process. The Forum seeks to create discussion around transformation issues between members of the Division in order to promote understanding and awareness. This is done via workshops, consultations with students and staff, as well as presentations and creation of documents that assist members of HumGen. Simultaneously, the TF investigates interpersonal transformative issues between members of the Division, regardless of individual positions of the persons involved.

The Transformation Forum seeks to improve the “HumGen Family” experience by ensuring that this family is able to communicate in a respectful, co-operative manner.

Please follow the link to find the HumGen Guide – a booklet available to all members of the Division which describes the roles of everyone who falls under the HumGen umbrella.

The members of the TF span a range of roles within the Division. All of these members are friendly and approachable, and can be contacted for further information or assistance.