In August 2007 Medical Genetics was elevated from sub-specialty to primary specialty status in recognition of the increasing importance of genetics in medical practice. Medical practitioners registered for independent practice are eligible to apply for specialty training in medical genetics. The program at UCT and GSH extends over four years and leads to a Fellowship in Medical Genetics form the Colleges of Medicine SA and an MMed in Medical Genetics. Like the field of Medical Genetics, training is very diverse, and specialty training in medical genetics at UCT involves:

  • Experience and training in prenatal, paediatric and adult Medical Genetics. These include exposure to dysmorphology, teratogenic disorders, metabolic disorders, neurogenetics, cardiogenetics and cancer genetics
  • Theoretic and practical education in genetic counselling and communication
  • Laboratory exposure to cytogenetics and molecular genetics
  • A research project leading to an MMed is a requirement

Training posts are limited so additional experience or qualification in any related field are valued. For further enquiries contact

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