The Division of Human Genetics is one of eight divisions constituting the Department of Pathology at UCT. Human Genetics is housed within the Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine and the Falmouth building, at the UCT Faculty of Health Sciences.


To provide a comprehensive and efficient medical genetic service, ranging from primary health care in community outreach clinics to highly sophisticated quaternary services; in the latter context the department functions at the level of a national resource or asset.

To give emphasis to the genetic problems of pregnant mothers and young children in line with the Minister of Health’s stated policy. The categories of heritable disorders which cause childhood handicap include blindness, crippling, profound deafness and mental retardation.

To encourage and facilitate the career and personal development of all staff members to the upper limits of their aptitudes and capabilities.

To promote the interests of staff members and other persons previously disadvantaged by virtue of gender and ethnicity.

To provide teaching in medical genetics, which is relevant to the South African situation, to all groups from community health workers to postgraduate scientists.