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09 Oct 2023 | By Morgan Watson
digital pill system
09 Oct 2023 | By Morgan Watson

We're pleased to share news of our latest research study. We're partnering with researchers from the University of Miami, Brigham’s and Women’s Hospital, Harvard University, and Massachusetts General Hospital to explore the feasibility and acceptability of a digital pill system to measure adherence among people with HIV-TB co-infection in South Africa.

Why would a digital pill system be useful?
Maintaining consistent medication adherence is crucial for individuals with co-occurring HIV and TB, yet it remains a significant challenge. Existing tools to support patients in adhering to their medication regimens have many limitations. Indirect methods, such a wisepill, often lack precision, whereas direct measures, such as physically observing patients taking their medication, may be more accurate but places a huge strain on healthcare resources.

How does the digital pill system work?
The digital pill system presents an innovative solution by directly measuring adherence. Once ingested, the digital pill is activated by chloride ions in the stomach, emitting a radiofrequency signal to a wearable reader. This reader then transmits ingestion data to a cloud-based server, where comprehensive adherence data is collected and made accessible to both patients and healthcare providers. By offering a precise and efficient method, this technology holds the potential to significantly improve medication adherence amongst this vulnerable population.


Why is acceptability research important?
Understanding the perspectives, preferences, and experiences of the target population is crucial in evaluating the potential impact of the intervention and ensuring its relevance and effectiveness in real-world scenarios. As such, this study aims to investigate this populations potential appetite to accept a digital health tool as adherence support.

Want to know more about how the digital pill system works? You can watch the following infographic.

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