Fogarty Fellows Seminar Monday 22nd April 2024 at 16h00 Via Zoom

03 May 2024
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03 May 2024

The topic selected for the seminar was:

“How to respond to journal reviewers’ comments on submitted publications”

Professor Graeme Meintjes (PI of HATTP) gave a short presentation highlighting the review process following submission to a journal as well as the etiquette of responses to reviewers and the requirements of different journals, including encouragement to keep going to the finish line!

Prof Meintjes invited a panel to relate their experiences as reviewers and editors of journals.

Dr Linda Boloko gave an example of how he responded to extensive reviewers’ comments following a recent publication in Lancet Microbe.

The panel consisted of:

  • Professor John Eikelboom, Professor in Haematology at McMaster University in Canada. He has over 800 publications and serves on the editorial board of many journals.
  • Associate Professor Sipho Dlamini, serves on the HATTP administrative committee and is an ID physician in the Department of Medicine at UCT
  • Gary Maartens is an Emeritus Professor in the Division of Clinical Pharmacology at UCT and serves on the HATTP Co-ordinating Committee. He has over 400 publications and is the Editor-In-Chief of the SA HIV journal.

The Fogarty fellows had the opportunity to ask the panel questions such as:

  • How to handle delays in response from co-authors
  • How to communicate clearly for journal audience
  • Expected turnaround times for responses to the editor
  • When to inquire on outcome of response

Prof Meintjes thanked the panel and encouraged the fellows to persevere as the art of writing develops with time.


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