18 Jan 2024
18 Jan 2024

HATTP hosted a training workshop focussed on study design, conduct and analysis for clinical and epidemiological studies of HIV and TB, on the Zoom platform from 15th August to 31st October 2023. The workshop consisted of 6 x two-hour sessions held fortnightly from 17:00 to 19:00 on Tuesday evenings South African time.

Twenty-three applicants from various UCT units and divisions such as CIDRI-Africa, Clinical Pharmacology, Allergy and Immunology, Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation and Lung Infection and Immunity Unit were accepted to attend the workshop.

Faculty members who led the sessions were:

University of Cape Town Johns Hopkins University USA Vanderbilt University USA
Professor Graeme Meintjes Professor Jonathan Golub Dr Stephany Duda
Dr Mpho Tlali Dr Aletta Nonyane  
Dr Chido Chinogurei Dr Kate Shearer  
  Dr Lauren Steiner  

The sessions focussed on

Session 1: Defining Research Questions; Observational Study Designs; Elements of the Research Protocol
Presenters: Graeme Meintjes and Jonathan Golub
Session 2: Overview of developing and refining case report forms
Presenters: Kate Shearer and Laura Steiner
Session 3: Database design
Presenters: Mpho Tlali and Stephany Duda
Session 4: Data Management
Presenters: Mpho Tlali and Chido Chinogurei
Session 5: Describing and visualizing data
Presenters: Aletta Nonyane and Kate Shearer
Session 6: Analysis of epidemiological data
Presenters: Aletta Nonyane and Kate Shearer

Attendees were divided into 3 groups and each group received a study concept and a published manuscript related to the session topics to discuss and analyse. Each session consisted of prepared presentations followed by this group work and then returned to the main group to report on progress.

Attendees evaluated the course over the full period according to the following criteria:

  • Quality of the presentations
  • Quality and usefulness of the discussion
  • Appropriate level for needs
  • Topics relevant for current or planned work
  • Time split between lectures and group work

The feedback revealed the majority of the attendees rated the sessions from excellent to good and overall rated the course as beneficial and well-structured. The attendees confirmed they would recommend the course to colleagues. Helpful suggestions were made such as more time required for the group work, more practical examples to apply what was learnt and suggestions for including discussion of additional statistical tests in the relevant session.