In 2022, the Division of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology established a new and exciting Honours Degree in Biomedical Forensic Science. Thereafter, the Division introduced two additional Honours degrees in Forensic Toxicology and Forensic Entomology. These degrees provide the theoretical and practical foundations for those seeking to pursue a career in forensic sciences.

Should students wish to continue studying towards a MPhil in Biomedical Forensic Science or an MSc (by dissertation) in Forensic Science, this Honours degree can serve as a steppingstone towards specialising further. 

The degree is a full-time 1 year programme that includes coursework and a research component. The coursework component consists of three modules that are compulsory for all BMedSc (Honours) students: Techniques, Biostatistics, and Scientific Communication. In addition, Honours students need to complete three course programme modules which cover specific fields. Four content modules in Biomedical Forensic are offered to enrolled students. Students have the opportunity to take three of these courses (with the option of taking a fourth course from another stream):

1. Medicolegal Death Investigations

2. Forensic Toxicology

3. Forensic Trauma

4. Forensic Entomology

Students will be taught to critically evaluate, conduct, and present research. By the end of this degree, students will understand the application of forensic science in a South African context. The knowledge, skills, and attitudes gained will be applicable to a variety of forensic science settings. 


  • How do I apply?

    All applications to the BMedSc (Hons) degree in Biomedical Forensic Sciences, Forensic Entomology, or Forensic Toxicology, need to be submitted electronically via the UCT website. Refer to for further details regarding the application process.

    □ Click ‘Apply online’

    □ Create a new account or login using your existing details

    □ Fill in all forms

    □ Select the degree you are applying for: BMedSc (Hons) in Biomedical Forensic Sciences, Forensic Entomology, or Forensic Toxicology

    □ Attach any supporting documents (curriculum vitae, academic transcript, covering letter) 

    □ Submit your application before the deadline. 

  • When do I apply?

    To be considered for admission in this Honours programme, students must be in their final year of a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree (or have completed this degree) or be in their 4th year of MBChB and meet the criteria for the intercalated Honours programme. Applications for admission to the Honours programmes close on 31st July annually. 

  • What courses can I take to prepare me for this degree?

    As this is a science degree, students are encouraged to take a variety of courses in topics such as human anatomy, genetics, biochemistry, human physiology, cellular biology, medical microbiology, statistics and criminology during their undergraduate studies.