Postgraduate opportunities at the UCT Computational Biology Group

Bioinformatics or Computational Biology provides a new career opportunity for biological scientists as well as for interdisciplinary collaboration between the mathematicians, statisticians, physicists, computer scientists and chemists with life scientists.

There are several exciting research projects in computational biology at UCT that provide opportunities for prospective PhD, MSc and Honours research students. Bioinformatics research at UCT ranges from comparative genomics to pathogen bioinformatics and systems biology, human genetics, computational molecular evolution, and development of tools for high-throughput biology data analysis.

An Honours programme in Bioinformatics is available through the Health Sciences Med Honours programme (see the Health Sciences website for details).

A new Masters training programme in Data Science is now being offered by the Department of Statistics. This has the option for specialization in Bioinformatics. See the UCT Statistical Sciences website for details