• MULDER Nicola, Professor, Head of Division


    Email: nicola.mulder@uct.ac.za
    Phone: +27 21 406 6058

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    Prof Nicola Mulder heads the Computational Biology division and leads H3ABioNet, a Pan African Bioinformatics Network of ~30 institutions in 17 African countries. Prior to her position at UCT, she worked for 9 years at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) in Cambridge, as a Team Leader for bioinformatics resources. At UCT, her research focuses on genetic determinants of susceptibility to disease, African genome variation, microbiomes, microbial genomics and infectious diseases from both the host and pathogen perspectives. Prof Mulder is actively involved in training and education as well as curriculum development in bioinformatics and genomic medicine.

  • MARTIN Darren, Associate Professor


    Email: darrenpatrickmartin@gmail.com
    Phone: +27 21 406 6837

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    Darren Martin obtained his PhD from the University of Cape Town in 2001 and is now an associate professor at CBIO. He is the lead developer of the computer program RDP4 that is widely used for analysing genetic recombination and has been actively pursuing both computational and wet-lab based research aimed at defining the adaptive value of recombination and the evolutionary constraints under which it operates.

  • TIFFIN Nicki, Associate Professor


    Email: nicki.tiffin@uct.ac.za

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    Nicki Tiffin has worked previously in molecular genetics, molecular oncology and molecular endocrinology. She transitioned into the field of medical genomics and bioinformatics, and works in computational approaches to the genetic basis of disease in African populations; as well as ethical issues relating to research and re-use of data from African populations. She completed a Masters in Public Health specialising in Epidemiology, and worked with the Western Cape Government Health Department to assist with developing infrastructure, processes and governance structures for integrating clinical informatics and medical records into a health information exchange (P.I. Prof Andrew Boulle). In January 2018, Nicki joined the Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Africa (CIDRI-Africa) and Computational Biology. She is working in data integration, leads an H3ABioNet node for developing capacity in genetic epidemiology, and continues to collaborate with the Provincial Health Data Centre.


  • AMBLER Jon, Bioinformatician


    Email: jon.ambler@uct.ac.za
    Location: room N1.06.3

  • BOTHA Gerrit, Senior Bioinformatician


    Email: gerrit.botha@uct.ac.za
    Phone: +27 21 406 6390


    Gerrit Botha is a Bioinformatics engineer at the Computational Biology division of the University of Cape Town. His background is electronic engineering but gained experience in bioinformatics whilst working as a software developer at the division. His area of expertise is in human variant analysis, microbial analysis and bioinformatics compute environment and pipeline design.

  • JOHNSTON Katherine, H3ABioNet Developer


    Email: katherine.johnston@uct.ac.za
    Telephone: +27 021 406 6390

  • LENNARD Katie, Bioinformatician


    Email: katieviljoen@gmail.com
    Location: room N1.06


  • MASLAMONEY Suresh, System Administrator


    Email: suresh.maslamoney@uct.ac.za
    Phone: +27 021 406 6390

    Suresh Maslamoney is a techie at heart and has experience in system and network administration as well as in designing and developing ICT infrastructure. Suresh joined CBIO in February 2013 as a systems administrator and is tasked with developing and providing support on the core computational infrastructure for the CBIO and the H3ABioNet consortium. Prior to joining CBIO, Suresh spent 3 years in the UK working in various ICT posts before returning to RSA where he joined the South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (SATVI). At SATVI Suresh was responsible for managing the IT section and all ICT related technical matters.

  • MEINTJIES Ayton, Software Developer


    Email: ayton@cbio.uct.ac.za
    Phone: +27 21 406 6390

    Ayton Meintjes is a Bioinformatics software engineer at CBIO. He completed a BSc in Computer Science at the University of Pretoria, and after a period of development in the commercial field, returned to do a BSc (Hons) with specialisation in Bioinformatics. In 2008, he joined the CBIO Group at UCT and has collaborated on projects mostly focusing on human population genetics and genome wide association studies. He is currently part of the H3ABioNet Central Node, taking active part in the Infrastructure, Research, Node Assessment and User Support groups. His current research interests are in visualisation of complex biological datasets, workflow integration and computational challenges posed by the large databases produced by modern sequencing technologies.

  • MATURURE Perceval, Software Developer


    Email: perceval.maturure@uct.ac.za

    Phone: +27 21 406 6390


    Perceval joined CBIO as a Software Developer in 2021. He has served several roles which include Website and database-driven application development, IT Management, Tutoring Programming, and Mathematics. He is passionate about the use of Software, Database Technologies for scientific research and enthusiastic about data analysis. He is currently studying a PGDip in Cybersecurity (part-time) with the University of Cape Town in the School of Information Technology.

  • PANJI Sumir, Network Manager


    Email: sumir.panji@uct.ac.za
    Phone: +27 021 406 6390

  • PARKER Ziyaad, Database Architect


    Email: ziyaad.parker@uct.ac.za
    Phone: +27 21 406 6390


  • CHAUKE Paballo, Training and Outreach Coordinator


    Email: paballo.chauke@uct.ac.za

    Paballo has an MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management (BCM) from the School of Geography and Environment (SoGE) at the University of Oxford (Oriel College) in the United Kingdom. His MSc research was titled “Fighting the “Good” Fight: Green Violence and Anti-Poaching of Rhino in the Kruger National Park, South Africa”. Mr Chauke also has two degrees from the University of Cape Town, an undergraduate degree with a triple major in Sociology, Environmental Geographical Sciences and Xhosa Communication. He also holds an honours degree in Environmental Geographical Sciences from the same institution. He has a multi-trans and cross disciplinary background and has a vast experience in research, coordination, facilitation, teaching, translation, supervision, mentoring and volunteering. He has a myriad of overlapping interests and skills/experience ranging from climate change, (sexual) health, poverty eradication, land restitution, nature conservation and social justice just to name a few.

  • DYWILI Linda, H3Africa Administrative Assistant

    Email: linda.dywili@uct.ac.za

  • JULIUS Rolanda, Training Coordinator

    Email: rolanda.julius@uct.ac.za

    Rolanda Julius is completing a PhD with the University of Pretoria. Her research interests include zoonotic disease ecology, parasitology and molecular phylogenetics. She has experience in teaching molecular techniques and is dedicated to promoting public health awareness and life science education.

  • LI Tony, Training Curriculum Administrator


    Email: lxxyiq001@myuct.ac.za

    Phone: +27 21 406 6390


    Tony holds a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry and attained a first-class academic career. The different networks and people remain a great source of inspiration for Tony. He frequently attends networking events to surround himself with like-minded people who inspire and motivate him within the industry. He also enjoys meeting new people to see different ideas and knowledge.

  • MUTHEIWANA Pertunia, Training Curriculum Administrator


    Email: pertunia.mutheiwana@uct.ac.za
    Phone: +27 21 406 6390


    Pertunia is passionate about the curriculum and psychology aspect of education. Considering this, she has the following qualifications from the University of Cape Town (UCT): Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), an Honours degree (first-class pass) in Curriculum Development, and a Masters degree in Educational Psychology (distinction in the dissertation). She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology also at UCT. Her current position as a Curriculum Administrator for H3ABionet offers her the opportunity to develop a Genomic Medicine Curriculum. Thereby, allowing her to use and refine her curriculum development skills. Furthermore, Pertunia holds a Bachelor of Sciences (BSc) undergraduate degree from the University of Limpopo, specializing in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. She is a proud single mother to an incredibly awesome teenage girl who made her realize her passion for education. Pertunia uses her passion to make a difference in the lives of ordinary members of the public. For example, during her teaching career, she took an amazing leadership position and coached special needs learners to participate in a national competition which is considered by many to be for 'regular' learners only. She is proud to announce that one of her learners and herself was crowned the competition's winners. Furthermore, she is a proud owner of an educational YouTube channel called Ama & Peeps that drives thought-provoking conversations to create unity and change in society. Once she has completed her Ph.D., Pertunia plans to open a school to give back to her community.

  • NYANDENI Nontobeko, Research Finance Administrator


    Email: nontobeko.nyandeni@uct.ac.za

    Nontobeko Nyandeni is currently doing her BCom Honours in Finance from the University of the Western Cape. She began her current position of Financial Administrator for H3ABioNet in May 2018. Her experience in the financial management sector spans more than half a decade. In her leisure time she likes books, podcasts and/or exercising. Nontobeko is quite elated and honoured to be working with such a big project that spans across the continent of Africa. The H3ABioNet project has a powerful synergy with her passion to see Africa develop, financially and otherwise. She is anticipating challenges and growth over the next few years while working with different members in the network.

  • MOTHIBA Kgothatso (Confidence), H3A IT Support Consultant


    Email: confidence.mothiba@uct.ac.za

    Kgothatso Mothiba, also known as Confidence, joined the H3Africa Coordinating Centre in March 2018. He holds a National Diploma in Software Development, which he received in 2012, as well as a PHP Development Certificate, which he earned through IBM South Africa in 2013. He is responsible for the running of H3Africa website, providing IT assistance to the team and managing their mailing list. His interests include AI and it's potential to benefit medical institutes.

  • RAS Verena, Training and Outreach Coordinator


    Email: verena.ras@uct.ac.za

    Verena holds an MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology from the University of the Western Cape (UWC) and is passionate about science education. Her expertise lies in the fields of taxonomy and conservation genetics. Her previous work focused on resolving the taxonomic status of three species of Chrysaora jellyfish along the southern African coast line and in the process discovered a new species Chrysaora agulhensis sp. nov. (Ras et al. in submission) and assisted in the discovery of another Catostylus sp. nov (Moodaley et al. in submission). She is currently enrolled as a PhD student at UWC and hopes to provide valuable information on the population biology and genetic connectivity of scyphozoan jellyfish along the West and East African coast line, with the aim of barcoding these species and developing microsattelites for the problematic Chrysaora fulgida which wreaks havoc along the west African coastline on an annual basis. She hopes to further refine and develop her skills in these areas while at H3ABioNet.

  • GARSON Kirsty Lee, Training Coordinator


    Email: kirstyleegarson@gmail.com


  • SISUSA Lona, Administrative Assistant


    Email: lona.sisusa@uct.ac.za
    Phone: +27 21 406 6176

  • SKELTON Michelle, H3A Project Manager


    Email: michelle.skelton@uct.ac.za

    Michelle Skelton did her undergraduate training at the University of the Western Cape. After completing her Master's degree researching Oesophageal Cancer and the Role of Tumour Suppressor Genes, she was employed as a Research Officer at the University of Witwatersrand, in the Department of Molecular Hepatology. Her PhD explored the role of Hepatitis B Virus genome variation in liver cancer. This was followed by short research projects in HIV diversity at the University of Cape Town, where she subsequently enrolled for a post-doctoral research fellowship with Professor Dandara’s Pharmacogenomics Group in the Division of Human Genetics UCT. During this period, Michelle was particularly interested in the role of virus restriction genes and how variation in these genes between various ethnicities may contribute to differences in the prevalence of HIV infection. Currently, Michelle is the H3Africa Project Manager. The Human Heredity and Health in H3Africa (H3Africa) Consortium is jointly funded by the NIH and Wellcome Trust and supports 26 Research Sites in Africa. Through supporting cutting edge genomics research in infectious and communicable disease, and ethics, the project aims to build capacity and improve health in Africa.