Research interests

I am a clinical microbiologist with a particular interest in tuberculosis and in developing and testing point of care diagnostics suitable for the developing world. My joint position with the University of Cape Town and the National Health Laboratory Service of South Africa affords me the opportunity to coordinate the activities of a research group involved in a range of clinical and laboratory based studies with a clinical and laboratory team involved directly in patient diagnosis and care. This interface between research and diagnostic laboratories is a major strength of the Division and provides an excellent platform for clinical laboratory research relevant to the developing world.



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Research support

September 2009-August 2015
National Institutes of Health, Tuberculosis Clinical Diagnostic Research Consortium
Total local costs: US$1,463,340
Role: Site Principal Investigator

September 2009-August 2011
Gates Grand Challenges Explorations
Detection of Tuberculosis Using Chemiresistive Sensor Arrays
Total local costs:US$33,000
Role: Co-investigator

August 2009-July 2010
Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics, GeneXpert Demonstration Study
Total local costs: US$257,000
Role: Site Principal Investigator

February 2009-January 2011
Center for Point-of-Care Diagnostics for Global Health (GHDx Center), PATH
Integrated Microanalytical Extraction-Amplification System for Detection of Tuberculosis in Low Resource Settings
Total costs: US$250 000
Role: Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI: David Kelso, NWU)

October 2008-September 2010
NHLS Research Trust: Diagnosis of TB in HIV infected children
Total costs: ZAR460 000
Role: Principal Investigator

September 2008-Sept 2012
Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellowship: The use of modern molecular tools to understand and intervene in the spread of multidrug resistant tuberculosis in rural South Africa
Total costs: US$1,101,650
Role: Principal investigator

August 2008-August 2010
EDCTP Senior Fellowship: The impact of rapid genotypic detection of multidrug resistant tuberculosis on treatment outcome in a semi-rural region of South Africa
Total costs: US$314,000
Role: Principal investigator

September 2008-August 2013
National Institutes of Health R01 Diagnosis of tuberculosis in HIV-infected children – development of microbiological and immunological strategies
Total costs: US$2,520,000 
Role: Co-Principal investigator (Co-PI Heather Zar)

June 2007-May 2011
National Institutes of Health (NIH) Tuberculosis Research Unit (TBRU). 
Total annual direct costs, University of Cape Town (for 7 years): US$529,888
Role: Co-investigator (Site PI: Gregory Hussey)

March 2007-February 2009
National Research Foundation of South Africa Focus Area Award. Innate immunity to TB is lineage and host dependent. 
Total costs:US$50,310
Role: Principal Investigator

April 2006-March 2009
South African Medical Research Council Self-Initiated Project Award. Novel Immunodiagnostics for Childhood Tuberculosis. Total costs:US $33,540 Role: Principal Investigator

March 2007-March 2008
NHLS Research Trust Genetic Basis of Rifampicin Resistance in multi-drug resistant M. tuberculosis in the Western Cape (co-PI: Heidi Segal). Total costs: US$11,610
Role: Principal Investigator

January 2008-December 2008
FIND Diagnostics. Cepheid Xpert MTB evaluation study. 
Total costs: US$209,170
Role: Co-investigator

January 2006-December 2006
Columbia University-Southern African Fogarty AITRP Traineeship: The Expression Profile of Primary Human Monocyte-Derived Macrophages Following Infection with Two Distinct Lineages of M. tuberculosis
Total costs: US$18,060
Role: Principal Investigator

January 2004-December 2007
Bristol Myers Squibb Secure the Future Award. Novel immunodiagnostics for childhood tuberculosis.
Total costs: US$516,011
Role: Co-investigator

October 2004-September 2007
Wellcome Trust Research Training Fellowship. Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis causing disease in children. 
Total costs: US$263,807
Role: Principal Investigator