The C17/GSH Chemical Pathology Laboratory offers a combined Routine and Emergency (24 hours a day STAT) diagnostic service to Groote Schuur Hospital, as well as to some peripheral hospitals such as Victoria Hospital and False Bay Hospital. Some of the more specialised tests offered are not performed elsewhere in Cape Town, and the laboratory therefore also offers a service to Red Cross Children's Hospital, Tygerberg Hospital and the private sector.​

The service includes a broad range of classic Chemical Pathology tests, as well as certain slightly more specialised tests such as red cell transketolase, adenosine deaminase & specific serum proteins such as alpha-1-antitrypsin and caeruloplasmin.

Endocrinology tests include TSH, TESTO, SHBG, PRA, PTH, PSA, PROG, PRL, LH, INS, HGH, GAST, FT4, FT3, FSH, E2, E1, DHEAS, CORT, BHCG, B2-MG, ALDO, AFP, ACTH, 17-OHP, 11-DOC.

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