Undergraduate Teaching

The Department of Pathology makes a significant contribution to teaching in most professional programmes such as, MBChB, BSc (Physiotherapy), BSc (Occupational Therapy). The largest undergraduate teaching contribution is in the MBChB programme.

The present MBChB curriculum is a hybrid model incorporating didactic lectures as well as small group tutorials, demonstrations, computer based practicals, laboratory practicals and problem based learning. The main method of teaching and learning in the first three years is student centred, integrated and supported by problem based learning. The department, by nature of its component divisions has a major contribution to teaching in the preclinical years (years1 - 3) of the MBChB programme.The pathology component includes contributions from all the recognised disciplines namely:  Anatomical Pathology, Chemical Pathology, Immunology, Medical Virology, Medical Microbiology and Haematology. The teaching of Medical Genetics straddles the preclinical and clinical years; and the teaching of Forensic Pathology is done in the clinical years. The Department of Pathology is responsible for convening semesters 4 and 5.

Course convenor:  Dr Jennifer Ramesar (PhD) Senior Lecturer 
Room 1.02.3 Falmouth Building
Email : jennifer.ramesar@uct.ac.za
Tel: 021 406 6283                                                        

Co-convenor: Dr Jaisubash Jayakumar (PhD) 
Room 1.02.2
Email: Jaisubash.Jayakumar@uct.ac.za
Tel: 021 406 6562

Lecturer: Dr Lynelle Govender
Email: lynelle.govender@uct.ac.za
Tel: 021 406 6562

Administrator: Ms Candice Dykes 
Room 1.02.4
Email: Candice.Dykes@uct.ac.za
Tel: 021 406 6363

Directorate Office of Pathology:
Falmouth Building
Level 1, Entrance 1, RM 1.02.2
Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town
Anzio Road, Observatory,7925


Postgraduate Programmes

The department offers extensive postgraduate opportunities for training of Pathology specialists, and Honours, Masters and Doctoral degrees:

Specialist Pathologists in traditional specialities: Anatomical Pathology, Chemical Pathology, Haematology, Medical Microbiology, Virology, Clinical Pathology and Forensic Pathology.

PhD in
Biomedical Forensic Science (LAB7054W)
Chemical Pathology (LAB7011W)
Forensic Medicine (LAB7051W)
Forensic Pathology (LAB7048W) 
Forensic Pathology (LAB7048W)
Forensic Toxicology (LAB7050W)
Haematology (LAB7018W)
Human Genetics (LAB6000W)
Immunology (LAB7029W)
Medical Microbiology (LAB7032W)
Medical Virology (LAB7044W)

MMed in
Anatomical Pathology (LAB7002,7003,7007)
Clinical Pathology (LAB6010,6011,6012,6013)
Chemical Pathology (LAB7013,7014,7015)
Forensic Pathology (LAB7016,7017)
Haematology Pathology (LAB7020,7021,7023)
Medical Genetics (LAB7045,7046)
Medical Microbiology (LAB7034,7035)
Virology (LAB7037,7038,7039)
MPhil in
Applied Forensic Science (LAB6008F/S)
Clinical Haematology (LAB7024W; 7041W)
Forensic Anthropology and Anatomy (LAB6004F/S)
Forensic Minor Dissertation (LAB6003W)
Forensic Pathology (LAB6005F/S)
Forensic Toxicology (LAB6006F/S)
Molecular Forensics (LAB6007F/S)
Paediatric Pathology (LAB7008W,7009W)
Paediatric Forensic Pathology Part I/II (LAB7052W/LAB7053W)

MSc(Med) (by dissertation) in
Anatomical Pathology (LAB7006W)
Chemical Pathology (LAB7010W)
Genetic Counselling Pract (LAB5009W)
Haematology (LAB7022W)
Human Genetics (LAB5001W)
Immunology (LAB7028W)
Medical Genetics (LAB5005W; 5014F, 5014S) 
Medical Microbiology (LAB7031W)
Medical Virology (LAB6014W)
Princip Genetic Counselling (LAB5010W; 5012S, 5013F,5013S, 5015F, 5015S)
BSc (Honours) in
Infectious Diseases and Immunology (LAB4004W)
Human Genetics (LAB4001W)
Forensic Genetics (LAB4007W).