The first training programme of its kind, the APFP at the University of Cape Town has trained over 190 paediatric health professionals since 2007, with a further 30 mid-training at the end of 2023. Coming to us from 17 countries and covering 26 different speciality areas, our unique approach sees 90% of alumni continue to live and work on the continent (87% in their home countries) with 94% based in teaching hospitals or other non-profit facilities.

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Where are our alumni now?



Our alumni – the heart of a pan-African network


Training between 40-50 fellows a year for the past five years, we work closely with partner centres across Africa to build multi-disciplinary paediatric teams. About more than building clinical skills, our focus on context-appropriate training, research, education and leadership skills means that APFP alumni are well-positioned to: 

  • Take the lead in developing new clinical protocols, services and units 
  • Strengthen the systems needed to improve patient referral, treatment and care
  • Educate and support a new generation of paediatric health professionals
  • Conduct research and organise specialist symposia and training
  • Hold high-level strategic posts on the national and international stage
  • Advocate for equity of healthcare for all children, everywhere. 

As time passes and the number of alumni grows, we are witnessing the start of a pan-African movement working to change the future of child health in Africa. Not only do our alumni spearhead local change, together they have contributed over 400 peer-reviewed articles to the African and global scientific research community. Independent, but not alone, APFP alumni keep in touch through active WhatsApp networks and professional associations, and often come together to discuss complex cases, develop new policies, protocols, curricula, training courses and other interventions that move child health forward.

Meet the people making change happen

Want to find out more about the work and impact of APFP alumni? Check out our series of thematic impact reports below.

oncology_case_study Final

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oncology alumni are achieving.



Meet Dr Ayuk, Marangu and Kwarteng Owusu

three women creating real change in paediatric


2021_apfp_neonatology_1 final

Learn more about our work building a specialist  neonatology workforce across Africa.



Travel to Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda

to meet alumni developing paediatric neurology

in the region.


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Accelerating the rate of change

As our programme gains momentum, not only are we working with our partners to support the development of multi-disciplinary teams, we are also building capacity for the delivery of local, in-country fellowships and courses - a strategic move that will see us amplify and accelerate the rate of change.

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