Strategic workforce development for specialist child healthcare in Africa

The APFP is a leading provider of specialist and sub-specialist training for African child health professionals. Offering more than a standard medical education, we are at the heart of a pan-African movement that is working to build a better future for child health in Africa.

Addressing a critical skills shortage

Africa has 24% of the global disease burden, but only 3% of the world’s health workers. Critically, there is less than one paediatrician per 100,000 children - compared to 87 in Europe and 99 in the USA. Determined to turn this situation around, the APFP works with partners across the continent to identify critical skills gaps, build multi-disciplinary child healthcare teams and create new local training opportunities and fellowships. Together we can mobilise a new generation of paediatric health professionals with the clinical, leadership, research and advocacy skills to catalyse long-term change in child health.

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Building human resources for better child health

To date, the APFP has trained over 180 fellows from 15 different countries. Offering 26 specialty and sub-specialty courses (and counting) our approach keeps content aligned with local health priorities and the in-country retention of skills and expertise high.

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A uniquely African approach

Led by the University of Cape Town and based at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital (and other affiliated training hospitals) the APFP offers specialist and sub-specialist training opportunities for African healthcare professionals at home, in Africa. Fellowships include medical (MMed/MPhil/PGDip) and allied health training programmes (PGDip) as well as tailored non-degree programmes for specific areas of clinical skills development.

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Be the change

Whether you’re a budding fellow, partner or supporter, the APFP is always happy to make new connections and build our networks.

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